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One of the most frequently questioned and researched subjects of patients who want to have aesthetic nose surgery is kim Who is the best nasal aesthetics doctor? “Question. Patients who seek out the best nose aesthetic surgery and receive advice from their environment should pay attention to certain issues. Aesthetic nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty surgery, is known as the most difficult surgery among aesthetic operations. Turkey to make our country a lot of people from inside and abroad rhinoplasty surgery is particularly preferred for aesthetic nose doctor who is in Istanbul. At the beginning of the patients’ preference of Istanbul and our country, both ENT and plastic surgeons do their job well and are very experienced and nose aesthetics prices are more appropriate than other countries.
So nasıl how do I find the best nasal aesthetics doctor? ”You can direct yourself by searching for answers to the questions written below.
Make sure you look for the doctor you are planning to have a nose surgery.
Search the doctor you plan to have surgery on social media sites and forums. Take advantage of the ideas of your acquaintances who have had nose surgery.
Prefer doctors specializing in nasal surgery
If you want to solve the functional problems in your nose (nasal congestion, inability to breathe, nosebleed, nasal flesh and tonsil problem, sinusitis, etc.) with aesthetic surgery, please choose your doctor accordingly. The nose and throat – head and neck surgeons and the plastic surgeons perform the nose aesthetic operations. However, you should definitely choose ENT Specialists for the solution of the functional problems mentioned above.
Doctor experience is very, very important.
Experience of the physician you will prefer to have performed many operations in the field
Some ENT specialists are especially developing themselves in a special area such as nasal aesthetics, which is a great advantage for patients who want to have cosmetic nose surgery. Doctors who develop themselves in the field of nasal aesthetics can better follow the technological developments in this area and apply these innovations in nasal aesthetic surgery.

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