Nasal Flesh Growth

Each healthy person has a total of six nasal meat, three on one side and three on the other. We should not confuse these nasal meats, also known as Konka, with nasal flesh and nasal polyps. Both the nasal flesh and the polyps are tissues that are subsequently formed and have no use for the body. However, nasal flesh are indispensable tissues for the respiratory tract. They humidify, warm, clean the air we breathe. They act as a strainer and act as air conditioners.
How do they do this task?
There is a membrane layer (mucosa) that surrounds the flesh of the nose. The main part of the flesh of the nose is this membrane. The cells on the membrane are specialized in heating, cleaning and humidifying the air we breathe.
During the day, the nasal flesh temporarily grows and sometimes shrinks. They are not stable and the same size. Think of these enlargements as shrinking the diameter of the filter.
If our environment is cold, the nasal flesh grows temporarily. That’s why our nose gets clogged in cold weather. In hot and clean air, the flesh of the nose shrinks temporarily; so that we feel our nose more open and breathe more easily.
Nasal flesh, which is so necessary for respiration, can become permanently overgrown and prevent us from breathing. This is not where we stopped; Allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, living in bad weather conditions, long-term use of nose drops, such as some causes can cause this situation.

What should you do when you face such a problem? What should be the treatment?
If the growth in nasal meats is mild to moderate, drug therapy should be tried. Because there is a possibility of shrinking with medication and this should be the first treatment. Drugs severe contraction or if you have a big nose, flesh, then we resort to solutions outside of drug treatment.
What is the non-surgical solution for the treatment of nasal flesh growth?
For this reason, we apply the procedure called radiofrequency to the flesh of the nose recently. The application of radiofrequency is a painless, quite simple method for you that can be performed in the practice conditions.
The main advantages of this process
Does not require hospital environment, can be applied in the office environment,
With the help of local anesthesia can be applied to patients at risk of receiving general anesthesia.
.The process can be completed in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.
Does not require nasal tampon after the procedure.
.No bleeding because there is no incision in the nose.
.It is one of the important advantages in returning to daily life immediately. We do not interfere with your work after radiofrequency; so you can continue your work immediately on the same day after a simple procedure that does not require resting.
With radiofrequency, we only reduce nasal flesh. Let’s not forget that; surgical removal of all of the nasal flesh with such benefit is a ”nasal murder cinayet. We know that very well; your flesh has a very important role in your life ”breathing……
If the level of growth will improve with medication or radiofrequency treatment to reduce their meat in meat nose to nose surgery it should be considered while.
The important point in nasal flesh surgery is not to damage the membrane (mucosa) of the functioning meat. Flesh reduction should be achieved by working on soft tissue and bone under the membrane. In this context, we use a high-tech device called shawer. With this device, excess meat and bone structure can be reduced. After this technique and meticulous nasal flesh reduction procedures, the membrane (mucosa) will not be destroyed. This means that the nasal functions are preserved and the nasal congestion is removed.
Concha growth How is it treated?
Nasal flesh growth may occur for various reasons. Nasal deviation, the presence of allergic flu, chronic sinusitis, reflux, thyroid hormone disorders, chronic smoking, bad weather conditions can cause many factors such as nasal flesh growth.
The growth of the flesh of the nose may cause nasal congestion, inability to breathe, headache, snoring, and intensive waking up in the morning.
The elimination of the problem of nasal flesh growth, makes our patients quite comfortable and eliminates existing complaints.
The first way to solve this problem is, of course, drug treatment. Allergy medicines and medicines that reduce nasal flesh can be used for a certain period of time.
If there is no regression with drug treatment, nasal flesh reduction methods take the form of different treatments.
The treatment methods on this subject have also changed quite recently. Radiofrequency reduction of nasal flesh is one of them. Approximately 80% of nasal flesh growth can be reduced by radiofrequency.
Radiofrequency, which is a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia, is a short procedure lasting 5-10 minutes and our patients can continue their work even on the same day after the procedure.
If there are nasal flesh problems that cannot be reduced by radiofrequency, this problem can be eliminated by endoscopic nasal flesh reduction methods.

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